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Have more time for yourself, devote your energy to other goals. Entrust the cleaning work to us.

Cleaning of roofs, facades, walls, windows, washing with telescopic equipment.



Building maintenance

Washing and vacuuming of ventilation pipes  Lightning conductors and checking of the grounding circuit 
Water and sewage maintenance works  Assessment of the building condition and application of preventive measures.

Cleaning services

Window cleaning and limescale polishing 
Deep floor cleaning and maintenance 
Cleaning of display glasses 
Cleaning higher and harder to reach surfaces Window cleaning using industrial mountaineering 
High altitude cleaning

Area management

Cleaning the roof from snow and icicles
Snow cleaning and sprinkling of ski trails
Lawn cutting and landscaping
Collection and removal of leaves
Cutting grass with trimmers 

Special cleaning work

Roof and gutter cleaning and inspection Scheduling and planning of special cleaning works 
Organization of multi-apartment house maintenance works 
Performing periodic and annual inspections

Floor maintenance

Floor waxing 
Floor impregnation 
Washing tiles  
General washing


+370 658 90436


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